Business Valuation


Certainly, this is the most crucial aspect of any business and in fact it holds the key to success. This assessment tells the business ‘where the business is heading’. To make an assessment various factors will have to be considered. The future of the business and its goals and objectives and whether the assessment so far made is leading the business to the desired goals should also be considered. We have most experienced and professionally qualified experts who make proper evaluation of the business. In this segment our services include:


  • Making an evaluation based on opinions and periodical reviews

  • Appraisal of the critiques and business planning.

  • Negotiation of complex issues and settling the same

  • Analysis of economic status including planning estate

  • Considering experts’ opinion

  • Legal consultancy including buying and selling agreements

One of our firm's partners is an AICPA Accredited Business Valuator with extensive practical experience.