Whether you are a start-up or someone whose business is ready to be taken to the next level, you will invariably need to raise funds. The first words you would hear from anyone you approach will be "where's your business plan" or "send me your forecast".

Aside from presenting the numbers in terms of sales, cost of sales, expenses etc., a forecast or business plan is a candid indicator of whether or not you have clearly thought things through; whether your vision is just a vision or you are ready to put things into action. Are your thought coherent.

While nobody would ever know your vision and plans better than you do, it is definitely very important to get a professional involved - someone who has dealt with the lenders before...someone who speaks their 'numbers lingo'.

We provide a wide range of advisory services in the areas of business planning and project feasibility studies which include working from the bottom-up to arrive at conclusions, recommendations, and reports which could be utilized by the key decision makers. We also assist in evaluating different offers received from bidders to public invitations for tenders.