License Public Accountant

Get CRA Tax Audit from a Licensed Public Accountant

Anyone who is a licensed public accountant in Canada has met all educational requirements that need to be fulfilled. They must have completed the standard final examination as well as the taxation and assurance modules. Licensed public accountants at ZHS have met these conditions and have several years of experience practicing public accountancy.

Many companies and businesses hire the services of these accountants because they have been certified. Whether you have some little accounting skills from high school or you’ve just learned a few things about business accounting online, you need the guidance and advice of a licensed public accountant. They’ll analyze your business based on the information you’ll give them and give your detailed feedback on what to expect in a couple of months or years.

You might also hire an accountant depending on your specific needs. For instance, if you’re looking for a professional Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax audit expert, you’ll need to hire one with tax audit skills and experience. If you want a tax preparation professional, you’ll also have to look for one.

Why are tax audits so crucial to the government and financial institutions? Well, the government and other bodies usually need this data to determine the habits of taxpayers. Most business owners in Canada will always have some fear when CRA summons them for an audit.

A tax audit keeps all the books of accounts. It records all the expenditures and revenues an individual or business has undertaken throughout the year. With this kind of record, business owners can avoid panic whenever a CRA tax audit is scheduled for their companies.